Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Does This Blog Captures?

Folks, every day we meet so many people and everyone has a story to share. But, not all of them share and if someone does; he/she eventually find out that their stories are lost in the commotion and din of modern day life. The ensuing new dawn never brings any change and the circle of life keep getting darker and darker. One common thread that binds all the stories is the presence of same human emotions in every story; only the character changes.
It occurred to me recently that I should start capturing whatever I can and that’s when was born this blog- This blog intends to lend a voice to the amazing but untold human stories of achievements in sufferings, joy in despair, hope in utter confusion, optimism in pessimism et al and that of underachievement as well.
My narratives will try to untangle the closely intertwined melancholies with an aim to separate the achievements, happiness, hope and joy from the ubiquitous gloom, despair, pain and sufferings in those stories. Such is the beauty of steely resolve and strength of one's individual being that collectively human race continues to thrive despite being a witness to a secular rise in the negatives.
This definitely is no mere euphemism or an effort to use the magic of words to divert from the harsh realities of life. Rather it is an effort to carefully dissect it until we find reasons for that smile on those faces despite so much of agony and pain. After all the agony and pain is ephemeral while happiness, joy and hope is longer lasting in nature- a reason enough to look into future. I do not feel schadenfreude- malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others, while trying that dissection; to feel so will be an unpardonable truculent act on my part. While I narrate those stories, I pray continuously to God that He showers His blessings on everyone.. today and every day.


Chetan said...

Hi Alok,
This story has moved me and I've got to know a new Alok. Hope to hear more such experiences from you.


Jhangora said...

Good Luck Alok Bhai. Even I believe that though the future seems bleak one has no option but to look at the brighter aspects of life. That's how we have come so far.

The trouble I see is that the human species has been too successful in eliminating competition from other species so we face no struggle for survival. As a result we have carved different countries, groups, etc. etc. and keep fighting each other. A philosopher once said that it is useless to try and swim against the current. I have always tried to do so and more often than not failed. But as long as I have strength I'll continue doing so.


Bhavana said...

Beautiful aim--I hope you continue posting. I would love to hear stories of Pahari folks and their lives, their struggles and their victories. Please post...

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