Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soli- A Hope In Contradiction

“Hope and despair”, “happiness and sadness”, “celebration and fight” et al are not mere words but powerful voice tools lent to human beings by the Almighty God to help them describe their emotions of that particular point in time. The contradictory nature of these voice tools is what creates the distinction in the lives of those very human beings. The list of tools is endless and so is the contradiction in the emotions that occupies, both the mind-space and the mindscape of every human being- every passing moment does nothing but only fuel those contradictions either by adding on to the list or by flipping the of life continues....

This thought occurred to me today while reading today’s post about a daughter on a blog maintained by her mother. The post was titled "Wordless Wednesday.. well almost wordless." What made mother use those words to title her post- perhaps she alone would be able to answer that......while her mind, having lost for words was busy inventing that title; a father in another part of the same world was finding it extremely difficult to drop the words that were running through his mind........Had he been given an option he would have continued writing on and on and on.....Now consider this, both were writing about their respective daughters, separated at birth by 38 days only. THIS IS LIFE. Consider again....... Here is a family that is celebrating the growth of their precious gift on a moment to moment basis and then at the same, another family at a far off place is keenly following the growth of their precious gift but for an altogether different reason.

What is heartening in this entire comparison is the mutual respect and emotions they have for each other.....mother reads and follows the progress of the other daughter; father on his part waits for mother’s posts about her daughter while keeping a close watch on the counter on her blog with prayers on his lips. But “who” are they and “why” are they doing it?

Father and daughter are no one else but Alok and Reveda, while mother is Dani, an American who gave birth to the daughter- Soli at 11:53pm on 11th Dec 08. Solange Lea aka Soli weighed a whole 1 lb and 9.3 ozs at birth and was 12.5" long; she arrived on this earth a full 101 days ahead of her expected date of delivery. She is still 59 days away from her expected day of birth and yet at the same time she is 42 days old. Last 42 days have already seen her heart going under the scissors once but her amazing fight to life is on and she is ably supported by a competent team of doctors, her brave mother and a very supportive family with prayers from every quarter. God is watching her from a distance and is taking care of her. This answers the “who” part of the question.

Now to answer the “why” part, I dare to enter inside the psyche of a parent. When inside, my encounter with the thought process of a parent puts me face to face with a keen desire on their part to be able to witness the best things of this world hug their respective kids continually; while continuously praying to God to not let the negatives even think of their kids and if they ever choose to affect their kids then to do everything possible to throw them in trash such that they never come back to haunt their kids. No parent wants to use those negative voice tools in the context of their kids. This very thought process are making Dani and Soli connect with Reveda and Alok- Dani wanting to write about Soli same way as Alok is doing while Alok praying not to ever write about Reveda as Dani has to.. This mutual connection binds them together and makes them pray for the well being of each other’s kids.

I cannot stop from wondering as to how this world would be, should everyone starts to show similar bonding and mutual respect..... if not anything but for the future of our kids... Soli had already been written about on my daughter’s blog and I have no doubts whatsoever left in my mind about her zeal to see through this test of God. Our sincere prayers are with her and family in this hour of need. This is a test of Soli’s resolve and her zeal for life and Soli will SUCCEED. She has to- for her mother, her family, her doctors, all her well-wishers and above all for HERSELF. Before I conclude, I can’t help but interpret that picture of Soli with folded hands that captured my imagination- those folded hands were communicating whatever Soli wanted to communicate- I can safely assume that Soli was praying to God in her real words -

"God please shower your praise and care on me as I want to feel my mom’s touch, my lips want to help me energise myself off my mom, I want to feel the softness of my loved ones, my eyes want to look into my mom’s eyes to tell her how much I love her and care..... I want to lead a healthy life while enjoying all the beauty it has to offer to me.... My beloved God, please be my strength as YOU are my saviour”.


No wonder Dani was found looking for words on a wordless Wednesday.....You can follow the progress of Soli on while Reveda is present on


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