Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dantewada, Arundhati, State and 76 Men!

The latest incident in Dantewada have left me shell-shocked & numb......horrific is the sight of those grieving family members whose boys/husbands/brothers have lost their young lives to fight an enemy who people like Arundhati Roy calls "beautiful young boys and girl"....In her latest essay in the Outlook magazine, I don't know how many times she have used the word "beautiful" in the context of naxalites while justifying their acts/struggle in the name of rape/murder and attrocities....(used in general sense as she has not mentioned a single incident and have only quoted it to buttress her arguments).....Either her sense of meaning of the word "beautiful" is flawed or she writes only to further her commercial interests by playing to the galleries......In my opinion, it is both.

Writers, just because they have a fan following and a skill need to be objective in their writing.....I know she will not speak a word now when 76 men were butchered and murdered in broad day light, were kicked and beaten when they were already dead......(even enemy forces give respect to the fellow comrades, albeit from the other side as per Geneva convention) .....Everyone says naxals are misguided youth and our own boys and girls; but given what they have just done in Dantewada and the manner in which they did it; I have no doubt about naxals being worse than our so called enemy across the border........I still remember the hue & cry we have made, and genuinely so, when Captain Saurabh Kalia and his patrol party of 5 was butchered by Pakistani men at the start of Kargil war...........That one incident led to a full blown localised war....Here they have butchered 76 and ones who did it are our so called own men as per Arundhati Roys and Binayak Sens of the world....... Shouldn't this call for a war as well.....

If our forces are at disadvantageous position and the enemy is shooting to kill, shouldn't we use full might of the forces we have at our disposal....why should we hestitate in involving air power support to neautralise the enemy to help our ground forces fight an equal battle......If unarmed supporters of naxalites get killed in the process, so be it as an enemy supporter is nothing but an enemy.....This is war that has been thrust upon state/commoners by so called beautiful boys and girls of Arundhati and everything is justifiled in war.....I am sure everyone would agree that people who have been left grieving for 76 men were nothing but the supporters in one way or the other- some were partners for life, some were hope while some were future of/for slain men.....and now they will die every moment/day till rest of their life.....If naxalites didnt think of these grieving men/women and children, then why should state think of enemy supporters........"Four and not two eyes for an eye should be the resolve"

I am wondering where is Arundhati now, why cant she speak for the rights of the next of kith & kin of those 76 men.....why cant she write essays for her contacts in naxalite movement telling/explaining to them what have they done.......If she has a freedom of speech, it doesn't mean that she will use it selectively so.....either she should use it objectively or do a favor on majority who doesnt agree with what she says biasedly.

Last but not the least, how about Arundhati Roy visualising herself in place of Meena's wife or many other young wives who were left grieving by her so called "beautiful boys and girls".......she cannot feel their pain as she has lost her mental balance which is required for any objective assessment.....please stop writing and do us a favour.

I have to literally stop myself from using choicest of words for her as I can't fathom this dichotomy in one's behaviour- writing long essays about beautiful naxalites, speaking for their rights but then at the same time keeping mum about the action of her so called "beautiful girls and boys" who have mercilessly butchered 76 men ......As mentioned above, she needs to answer the grief of Meena's (and many other wive's, brother's,sister's, son's, daughter's); who are left to mourn for their boys/fathers/brother/husbands........and will have to do it for the rest of their lives.......what has she got to say about the tears that are rolling down the cheeks of many family members of slain men......aren't those greiving men/women beautiful by her standards.

Arundhati- your ability to use words in an eloquent manner doesn't give you an authority to say anything and get away with it.....

Mr Home minister- there are enough laws of this land under which she can be prosecuted and should be, rightfully so. Make no mistake, her article glorifying and justifying naxalites appeared in the media few weeks back only and can be used to justify her arrest on the same lines as same establishment arrested Simranjeet Singh Manns, Yaseen Maliks or Shabhir Shahs from the extremist fraternity......Arundhati is sailing in the same boat as the mentioned names and many more alike.

In the end, I have no words left to describe my pain/sympathy for those 76 men and their grieving family members.....I can only lay down my head in shame as it was no one but the state that they were defending who failed them....for doing nothing when those beautiful boys and girls were taking their beauty lessons in the jungles.......state kept mum for political compulsions and they had to pay the price with their lives.....I salute those 76 men and many others who have lost, are losing and will lose their lives in the war against naxalites-a war, that has been thrust upon the state against its wishes......they have started it at the time of their liking, result thereof will that be of our liking.....This war needs to be won for India at all costs and it has been started to rip apart the very fabric of India.....

Mr Home Minister and our forces will have to do Lord Krishna as Draupadi (The State) is calling for help from the modern day Dushasans (Arundhati and her beautiful boys and girls-naxals).