Saturday, May 16, 2009

When India & Bharat Won!

.......I felt motivated to write on this space again. Not that I had stopped writing; rather all this while I posted daily on my daughter's blog ........So what prompted me to write here again today?

It was nothing but the results of badly fought elections. I call it badly fought elections as bitter personal rivalry between politicians was at full display, non issues took centre stage while core issues were relegated to the background, money/caste/ religion/regional cards were shamelessly used.

But then like they say all that ends well is well; as in the end it was the Indian voter who had the last laugh. It showed its might and threw out all the opportunists and handed over a decisive mandate for stability.

Congress has all the reasons to feel good about the final result but Congressmen will do well for themselves by seeing this more as an opportunity rather than an outright win. This is a vote against the opportunistic politics of Left and other regional and marginal parties rather than for Congress or their policies. Having said that, credit must be given to the Congress for projecting a viable option to the voter who was feeling cheated by the Left and opportunistic parties.

Congress will now be confronted with a terrible mad-rush of sycophancy to project Rahul as the final saviour of India- an interpretation of the verdict meant to defeat the ultimate saviour-“Indian voter itself; who remains the undisputed king maker”. What Indian Voter doesn’t want to see is the repeat of what it saw during last 5 years of UPA rule. It needs no rocket science to understand his/her needs- access to uninterrupted power, good roads, water, education and dependable healthcare; basic requirements of human life. It is unfortunate that even after 62 years of Independence his demands remain same. Congress, basking in its present glory cannot shirk away from its failures of yesteryears after ruling India for 47 of those 62 years; make no mistake about it! It has to seize the opporunity and begin rebuilding India in the right earnest; in the way it requires to be done.

BJP, the principal opposition party will have to do a serious introspection on many counts. It needs to re-align its thinking to suit the mood of the voter and can no longer afford to do that. Politics of hate will not bring them votes and sooner they realise it, better would it be for them. They need to reign in those elements in the Sangh Parivaar who can easily be labelled as a Hindu version of the Islamist Taliban. Discipline, their biggest differentiator over Congress has already left them many years back. And, now they have a serious issue about leaders who can appeal an average Indian voter. In my various political conversations with colleagues and elsewhere, I came across a perception that BJP lack leaders who can govern this country. I am still clueless as to how a party that was the cynosure of all eyes over the quality of its second rung leadership few years back has this question staring directly in its face. A clear soul-searching will give them the right answer and it need not look anywhere else for that. Also, it needs to focus on expanding beyond its core vote base and for that they can take a leaf out of Mayawati’s strategy in last UP assembly elections. BJP will do a world of good for themselves by shedding the tag of “communal”.

It is high time that we debate on the issue of communalism and secularism. Raising issues of national importance must not be labelled as communalism citing religious sentiments. Till date, I have failed to understand as to how can Congress which massacred 3000 Sikhs in Delhi call itself more secular than BJP who did the same to Muslims in Gujarat or how does it make Left more secular after sharing dais with Madhani, a known Islamic fundamentalist and a blast accused; or for that matter, politicians like Mayawatis, Mulayams, Lalus or Paswans who talk about Muslims not out of their genuine concern for their betterment but for their votes. When would we learn to call a spade a spade? Why talking of majority is communalism and talking about minority secularism? How does Manmohan Singh’s call to forget Delhi anti Sikh riots acquires more legitimacy than Modi’s same call in the context of anti Muslim Gujarat riots? There are many questions that are left unanswered.

This is no time to look for answers to all those questions but to celebrate the victory of Indian voter; and this time both India and Bharat have won, a double victory!


Anonymous said...

It's a really good written post. And while reading it, thoughts were rushing in my mind and I was thinking to write it all here in the comment. But now I will just write what I feel rather than counteracting lines from your post.
Yeah, I agree it's not a clear victory of congress or their policies. People just choose one of the lesser evils.
And about your question "Why talking of majority is communalism and talking about minority secularism?"
I fail to understand why do they have to divide people by stressing on the difference based on religion/cultural background. Aren't all the citizens "Indians" first? Why can't the politicians focus about doing good to the Indian citizens, rather than advocating for Minority and Majority?

And about 1984 riots vs. gujrat's riots : It was not Jagdish Tytler(1984 riots) who was running for the PM's post from Congress side vs. Mr. L.K. Advani(Babri Masjid demolition) from BJP. Perhaps, that's why voters chose the economist Manmohan Singh over the religious melodrama of Advani.

Reveda Prisha Umankshi Bhatt said...

Thanks for your comment.....

I completely agree with you that we can't let people divide us on the caste/colour or religious lines. I am for the plural society as India is nothing but a giant laboratory- a melting plot so to speak. For humanity to prosper, the idea of India will have to gain momentum and the idea of India is nothing but that of unity in diversity.

I share an excellent bond with a muslim girl who I call my sister. Our religious beliefs never come in between our bond.

What I am trying to say is that all politicians are one and same.......they all indulge in divisive politics for petty political gains....."hamam main sab nangey hain"....

Reveda Prisha Umankshi Bhatt said...

That was me using my daughter's id....Alok

Hashir Tufail said...

great post man.... wanted to write about this, but not anymore :).
BTW, you have been tagged. Visit my blog to get your award and your tag :D

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