Monday, February 16, 2009

Three Weeks of Contradictions

It’s been 3 weeks since I updated my blog last and the reason lie in the apparent contradictions, I found myself face to face with, time and again over that period. How ironical that it is those very contradictions that ultimately provide food and fodder to introspect, think and write. It happened so many times, when I began writing and did not continue as my motivation level and conviction in my thought process was at an abysmally low level.

But then, two events of last week brought me back to my usual self..First one was the last week’s request from my neighbour. It was the evening of 10th February when Rohit, my next door neighbour checked on my blood group; “B(+ve) it is”, I replied. He asked me if I can give my blood platelets to his friend’s mother, who was in the hospital fighting the last stage of blood cancer and I agreed. Next day, I went to hospital twice; first for blood tests and later for undergoing the separation process of platelets and plasma from my blood. Needless to say that the amazing feeling of doing something worthwhile was simply unexplainable despite the pain that I had to bear due to my weak veins. In fact, the doctor had to take the needles out as veins of my left hand swelled with an unbearable pain. Thankfully, my veins of the other hand helped complete the process. But the real learning lied elsewhere.

While I was filling in the donation form, the doctor asked me the name of the patient. I told him, “I don’t know her name”- an answer for which the doctor was not ready. But, what he said afterwards was simply awesome.....He said- "It is nothing but the good deeds of the lady that is making people, completely unknown to her, come and give her blood when she needs it most”... That comment was very deep and true and will stay with me forever.....Unfortunately, I just heard from Rohit that she is no more. It was very sad to hear that but then I am sure that her deeds will continue to help her wherever she is now...I pray to God to give her loved ones strength and courage to bear this unbearable pain and irreparable loss.

Second incident took place as as recently as previous Saturday, while we were at the engagement ceremony of Sunil (my wife-Bobby’s brother). I noticed that Mamta didi’s (my wife’s elder sister) sister-in-law left the venue abruptly with her husband. Later, when I enquired about the reason with Mamta didi, she told me that Anil, their son who is an army officer has suffered a major accident. As if it was not enough, his wife was not with him so the flow of news from Siliguri, his place of posting was not proper. Their other son left for Siliguri as soon as he heard about the accident but he would not reach there until next afternoon. Whatever little information they were getting from Army sources was not sufficient for them or for that matter any other parent in a similar situation. It was then I decided to do something about it even after knowing that Siliguri, until that moment is just a city name for me.

Soon, I had with me the contact details of three persons; I knew that one of them would be able to help me get the details. I was right as, Dhruv; my friend-Rajat’s cousin posted with Indian army in Jammu got me the complete detail of the accident and the injury suffered by Anil in less than 15 minutes. He further gave me a telephone number of one service-man that Anil’s parents could call to check his condition. I apprised Anil’s family of whatever I heard from Dhruv and also gave them the number to call at. I am sure, confirmation of the facts via different source must have brought them relief and satisfaction....

Two quick lessons in general- “Good deeds always stand by you when you need them most” and “A sense of responsibility not only help others but also help resurrect one’s own conviction and faith in his/her abilities’.

Personally, it made me feel good as these two incidents not only reinforced my faith in the beauty of human relationships; but strengthened it further. No wonder, I draw much of my satisfaction and contentment from those very relationships.

Though, it is an altogether different matter that same Saturday night interaction with one of our relative couple (who, I always felt very close to until an awful incident last summer) didn't go down well with me. Not because, I was found lacking in showing my respect towards them despite whatever they did to my father last summer; but simply because of a realisation that modern education system does not offer any guarantee of a good human behaviour of reciprocation. To my extreme surprise, only word that I could hear during those 40 seconds of interaction was a cold reply to my greeting......I could do nothing but smiled at I am not going to let stray incidents like this desist me from investing in my relationships...


kristelle del rosario said...

Wow! really a great story! Doing good things is really unexplainable. I applaud you for doing good deeds, not everyone can do what you did. I know a site where you can share the good deeds that you've done, it's called A Global Tribe.

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